KT-Trans LLC transports OVERSIZED/HEAVY and PROJECT cargoes by multimodal transport in the directions America/Asia/Europe - Russia. In addition our company offers services of organization of transportations of standard cargoes by road transport. Besides multimodal “door-to-door” transportations we can organize delivery of your cargo separately only by the Russian territory. Having own department of Port forwarding we can provide THC and paperwork of your cargo in the port of St. Petersburg. Steady and checked by time partner communications allow us to carry out further sending of cargoes BY RAIL, or DELIVERY by MOTOR or RIVER TRANSPORT. If necessary to make CUSTOMS CLEARANCE or cargo INSURANCE - we also with pleasure we will make it for you.

The main types of transported cargoes and provided services.

Oversized / Heavy goods:

  • road-building equipment;
  • crushing and drilling equipment;
  • agricultural machinery;
  • timber equipment;
  • passenger electric transport.

Project Cargoes:

  • factories / plants;
  • workshops and production lines;
  • other equipment.



Transportation in a standard truck:

  • in tilt trailers;
  • in open trailers.

Forwarding and Logistics:

  • port forwarding;
  • escort and convoy;
  • organization of handling and storage;
  • packing of cargo;
  • permits issuing.

Customs clearance.